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Amazing Travel UIs aside

The following is a curated collection of beautiful and futuristic travel UIs created by different designers from around the world. Some of the designs are captured from live products, some are still in development, and some are purely concepts designed to push the bounds of what is even considered possible. Note to designers: Some of the following contains fully developed open-source elements that you can use in your own designs. Facebook Messenger, Bots, Payments Credit: Isil Uzum Why it’s amazing: This concept brilliantly leverages the current chatbot hype and applies it to a compelling use case: booking flights with friends. It takes a number of complex interactions and allows the group to search and book within the Facebook Messenger app. Swipe to Travel Credit: FΛNTΛSY Why it’s ...

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How to Hire a UI Designer aside

Working with a UI designer in most cases is an exciting period of a product’s journey. All the nuts and bolts start coming together and the intangible finds itself materializing into reality. But finding a great UI designer can also get tricky and in some cases difficult, especially when it comes down to defining a UI designer’s job description. Roles can get confused and the optimum outcome of a project’s deliverables and experience may invariably end up in a hard place to reach. In order to get the best out of the hiring process as well as the UI designer you will be working with, it is best to get a little closer to what they do and the quote ...

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The 10 UX Deliverables Top Designers Use aside

The work of a UX designer happens in many different environments—from lean startups and Agile environments where teams work with little documentation, to consulting engagements for third-parties, or large enterprises and government entities with strict documentation requirements. Regardless of the nature of the engagement or environment (and the one thing that ties it all together), is a need for UX professionals to effectively communicate their design ideas, research findings and the context of projects to a range of audiences. During the UX design process designers will produce a wide variety of “artifacts” and project deliverables as part of their UX design methodology. These may take many forms: deliverables help UX designers communicate with various stakeholders and teams, document work, and ...

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The Ultimate List of 50 of the Best Sketch Plugins aside

Sketch has taken the design market by storm. They don’t release any official numbers, but it’s pretty obvious that almost any design team you join or talk to knows about or uses Sketch to some extent. One of the most powerful aspects of Sketch is its lively developer community and the fantastic set of plugins they’ve built for it. With Sketch plugins, you can create gorgeous 3D illustrations and unique animations in seconds. I gathered a list of fifty of the best Sketch plugins to save you time on research. I organized them by categories below. Sketch Plugin Managers Collaboration Sketch Plugins Content and Object Generator Plugins Export and Front-End Development Plugins Layer Management Plugins Utilities Sketch Plugin Managers You ...

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7 Tips for Shooting the Perfect Kickstarter Video aside

Producing a fundraising video for Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Fundable, or a promotional YouTube video for a business can be a fairly big investment. A startup founder will often pitch an idea speaking directly to the camera—this is known as a single-presenter video pitch or “talking head.” Unfortunately, not many people do it well. It is said, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” A high-quality video pitch can go a long way toward helping your Kickstarter video campaign, business or individual gain credibility, secure funding and, in general, be taken seriously: A poor-quality video pitch could potentially be the end point for any promising idea or up and coming business right out of the gate. (NOTE: When “camera” is mentioned, ...

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