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New Realities: VR, AR, MR, and the Future of Design aside

Advances in artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality mean fresh design opportunities for designers. The digital and technological landscape is constantly changing, and in many ways accelerating. Designers tasked to come up with innovative ideas have to keep track of what is trending and where the creative opportunities are. Recognizing the changes that are occurring in the industry will help designers design smarter and make more informed creative decisions. Bell curve graphic of the technology adoption life cycle In the technology adoption life cycle, “Innovators” are the smallest group, yet the most successful. They are followed by “Early Adopters,” then “Early Majority,” and later, “The Majority,” or everyone else. As innovators, great designers usually fall into the “Early Adopters” category—big risk ...

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7 Tips for Shooting the Perfect Kickstarter Video aside

Producing a fundraising video for Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Fundable, or a promotional YouTube video for a business can be a fairly big investment. A startup founder will often pitch an idea speaking directly to the camera—this is known as a single-presenter video pitch or “talking head.” Unfortunately, not many people do it well. It is said, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” A high-quality video pitch can go a long way toward helping your Kickstarter video campaign, business or individual gain credibility, secure funding and, in general, be taken seriously: A poor-quality video pitch could potentially be the end point for any promising idea or up and coming business right out of the gate. (NOTE: When “camera” is mentioned, ...

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Page Speed 101: A Primer for Mobile UI Designers aside

Did you know that 40% of people will abandon a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load? As responsive web design has taken hold, internet users have come to expect exceptional performance. They want sites to perfectly cater to the device they’re using, they want easy navigation and intuitive design, and they want page load speed to be under one second. That’s a high bar to hit, but with the right optimizations in place, any designer can give their mobile interfaces lightning-fast page speed. I recently scoured the web looking for every last tip and trick for optimizing website speed across platforms. Here is my comprehensive list of page speed hacks: 1. Resize Images Images that are bigger ...

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Creating Mind-bending Illustrations with Sketch and Looper in No Time aside

How much time do you spend trying to create unique and creative illustrations for your designs? Probably much longer than you’d like. Looper lets you cut down on illustration time while creating completely original illustrations. It’s a new Sketch plugin that allows you to create unique shapes and patterns by duplicating, moving, and rotating objects multiple times, resulting in mind-bending illustrations. Today, I’m going to show how—with zero drawing skills—you can create incredible illustrations for your app designs, banners, and backgrounds within 20 seconds or less. Feel free to download the original Sketch file I made to follow along during the tutorial. Why Looper? I’ve been doing research on different plugins and apps to help me create original illustrations, and I found Looper works best ...

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Designing for Human Behavior: Defining the Intangibles aside

Using both behavioral analytics and data science to shape the user experience: Designing an empathic experience requires total immersion into the lives of your target audience. As the UX professional’s precept “walk a mile in your customer’s shoes” implies, interviews, personas, use cases, user flows, journey maps, focus groups, etc. are involved in an educated attempt to accurately engage the people you most want to influence. But what about individual personality types? What really motivates a person? What do they truly value? What factors are playing out in their life that may impact or influence their ability to engage an experience? These are all intangibles we often have no substantive way of quantifying. Data science and data analytics can tell us ...

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How to Design Delightful Experiences for the Internet of Things aside

One of the next technological revolutions on the horizon is the emerging platform of the Internet of Things (IoT). The core of its promise is a world where household appliances, cars, trucks, trains, clothes, medical devices and, much more would be connected to the internet via smart sensors capable of sensing and sharing information. As its presence in our lives grows, the Internet of Things (IoT) will be fundamental to most things we see, touch, and experience—UX design will play an important, if not essential, role in that advancement. From healthcare to transportation—from retail to industrial applications, companies are constantly searching for new ideas and solutions in order to create new experiences, deliver greater value to customers, and make people’s ...

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UX animation – our first concept exposed on Materialup image

Part of a designer work is to keep finding new means of expression. We have lately become passionate about Google’s material design concept and started to learn its fundamentals. Using our short learning experience, we have created an UX animation for a prototype we designed for an odometer mobile app. We are happy to see that our first prototype made with After Effects was listed today on Materialup, a great collection of user interface design and ux animations based on Google’s material design principles. If you are in the early stages of prototyping a great idea for a mobile app and you need fresh ideas about your ux animation should work we’d be thrilled to join the adventure! Feedback is welcomed!

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