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How to Design Delightful Experiences for the Internet of Things aside

One of the next technological revolutions on the horizon is the emerging platform of the Internet of Things (IoT). The core of its promise is a world where household appliances, cars, trucks, trains, clothes, medical devices and, much more would be connected to the internet via smart sensors capable of sensing and sharing information. As its presence in our lives grows, the Internet of Things (IoT) will be fundamental to most things we see, touch, and experience—UX design will play an important, if not essential, role in that advancement. From healthcare to transportation—from retail to industrial applications, companies are constantly searching for new ideas and solutions in order to create new experiences, deliver greater value to customers, and make people’s ...

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How to Hook eCommerce Shoppers through UX Design aside

With 100M+ registered users, 80 million products offered across more than 80 categories, and approximately 8 million shipments made per month, Flipkart—India’s largest eCommerce website—was losing customers and experiencing a high level of app uninstalls. It was clear that the team needed to come up with a new strategy to retain customers, so we set out to redesign the Flipkart app’s user experience. It was critical to review the UX strategy and come up with a solution that would focus on designing a habit-forming user experience, have a substantial impact on users, and generally: Engage customers more effectively Elevate the brand Ignite growth Online shoppers are notoriously price conscious. Customer loyalty is fleeting—most of the time, they don’t care which ...

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The 11 Photoshop Plugins That Made Me a Better Designer in 2016 aside

  Sketch is the latest flavor in design, but Photoshop is still used by many of us, and with good reason. With the right plugins, Photoshop is an extremely versatile program that can make your design work stand out from the crowd. This is a list of the best Photoshop plugins that I started using last year that greatly improved my workflow and made me a better designer. Some of these plugins will make you a more efficient designer, while others will help you create kick-ass 3D effects for awesome portfolios. Let’s dive in. Craft By Invision Craft is a relatively new suite of plugins that lets you design with real data in mind. You can pull real data from ...

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UX animation – our first concept exposed on Materialup image

Part of a designer work is to keep finding new means of expression. We have lately become passionate about Google’s material design concept and started to learn its fundamentals. Using our short learning experience, we have created an UX animation for a prototype we designed for an odometer mobile app. We are happy to see that our first prototype made with After Effects was listed today on Materialup, a great collection of user interface design and ux animations based on Google’s material design principles. If you are in the early stages of prototyping a great idea for a mobile app and you need fresh ideas about your ux animation should work we’d be thrilled to join the adventure! Feedback is welcomed!

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