The logo is the central part of any visual identity.  A good logo deliver a powerful and effective message about brand’s values. The 3 key conditions of the good logo are:


  1. The good logo is unique and memorable

The good logo stands out and identifies in the market crowd. It is the visual representation of the business identity and not a merely decorative object. Logos using common symbols such as globes, arrows or swooshes can hardly distinguish among hundreds of other logos having the same elements. Relevant graphic symbols and unique typeface are instantly recognizable and makes the logo memorable.

  1. The good logo is functional

The good logo is adaptable to different business contexts and is easy identifiable in any communication medium. It looks good on a black and white header as well as on a full-colored package, on a printed business card, on an internet page or on the TV screen. It is scalable and recognizable on a large outdoor signage as well as on an favicon no larger than 16 pixels.

  1. The good logo speaks the client’s language

The good logo communicates well with the clients and is appropriate to the specific industry. Understanding the target audience, as well as the unique selling point of the business are key elements of designing a logo that resonates with company’s/product’s customers.


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