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How to Hire a UX Designer aside

If you are looking to hire a UX designer, it means you are about to embark on a life changing journey or are in the throes of saving lives while trying to keep the boat afloat. Either way, when something needs to be built or has to be fixed, the trail of gingerbread crumbs comes back to the cradle of design: UXD (user experience design). This phase can wear many hats and can go from truly enlightening to astronomically daunting. This is where the difference between producing a truly meaningful and viable product that transcends the connections between life and technology itself can also meet complete oversights, where requirements are thrown to the wind and the steady foundation required to ...

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How to Hire a Web Designer aside

Hiring a web designer is the defining moment in your product’s journey from prototypes and high-fidelity UI mockups to a living product that is ready for consumer use. However, finding the right talent can be challenging, as a web designer’s specialization can get rather broad—roles often overlap and the technology they build on evolves daily. This guide looks at the key roles a web designer may play in your business, as well as the skillsets required to successfully build your product. The Challenge Having a web designer on your team can be exciting. At this point, your idea is most likely in the process of being integrated from a universe of sketches, prototypes, and intricate back-end code into a live ...

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UI vs. UX – The Vital Guide to UI Design aside

User interface (UI) design is one of several overlapping disciplines responsible for creating the interfaces where users interact with digital products. UI design is found on a spectrum with user experience (UX) design, interaction design (ID), and visual or graphic design. What Is UI Design? In its broadest definition, the user interface is the space where people and machines interact. People give instructions to machines and machines start a process, respond with information, and provide feedback that informs human decisions and enables further interactions. The field of human-computer interaction (HCI) is more specifically concerned with digital interfaces, which have evolved from punch cards and command-line text entry to today’s sophisticated graphical user interfaces (GUIs). Xerox 8010 Information System in 1981 (DigiBarn, used ...

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Mastering Fintech UX – A Design Case Study aside

Financial tools aren’t the most exciting products to use—they can feel cold, boring, and corporate. As complex tools with tons of functionality and customization, most provide insufficient training and education—and don’t even get me started on documentation. While regulatory obligations often require that financial apps behave in a certain way, there are opportunities to make the experience fun and hassle-free for users while still keeping it professional and easy to use. With the appropriate context, financial apps can offer a pleasant and interesting user experience instead of following the drab status quo model. With Fisdom—an investment app designed to make investing easy for people without an education in the Indian stock exchange, the client has three main goals: Resolve the high dropout rate ...

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