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Creating Mind-bending Illustrations with Sketch and Looper in No Time aside

How much time do you spend trying to create unique and creative illustrations for your designs? Probably much longer than you’d like. Looper lets you cut down on illustration time while creating completely original illustrations. It’s a new Sketch plugin that allows you to create unique shapes and patterns by duplicating, moving, and rotating objects multiple times, resulting in mind-bending illustrations. Today, I’m going to show how—with zero drawing skills—you can create incredible illustrations for your app designs, banners, and backgrounds within 20 seconds or less. Feel free to download the original Sketch file I made to follow along during the tutorial. Why Looper? I’ve been doing research on different plugins and apps to help me create original illustrations, and I found Looper works best ...

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Designing for Human Behavior: Defining the Intangibles aside

Using both behavioral analytics and data science to shape the user experience: Designing an empathic experience requires total immersion into the lives of your target audience. As the UX professional’s precept “walk a mile in your customer’s shoes” implies, interviews, personas, use cases, user flows, journey maps, focus groups, etc. are involved in an educated attempt to accurately engage the people you most want to influence. But what about individual personality types? What really motivates a person? What do they truly value? What factors are playing out in their life that may impact or influence their ability to engage an experience? These are all intangibles we often have no substantive way of quantifying. Data science and data analytics can tell us ...

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13 Podcasts Every Designer Should Listen To aside

Every designer has a different way of “plugging in” when they start working on a new design. Listening to music is probably one of the best options when you go on a design sprint. You might prefer putting on a guilty-pleasure TV show in the background. But once in a while, you might want to switch it up and learn something new while you design your upcoming masterpiece. So I compiled a list of every great design podcast to help you focus, gain inspiration, and stay entertained while you design. We’ve got everything from funny shows related to the industry to the best tech podcasts about design to podcasts that will help you look at your designs in a new ...

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