Our visual identity design process equally involve the participation of client and designer from the early stages of the project till final delivery and support.An effective identity helps brand recognition in a wide variety of contexts and improve the perceived value and quality of the business/product in the mind of target audiences.


Visual Identity Design Process Step 1

 The design brief

Visual Identity Design Process

Visual Identity Design Process


It is essential to focus on most relevant information about the business/product before starting the visual identity design process. The more accurate the brief is the more the designer will understand the business needs and offer the best visual solution. The design brief covers the following topics:

  • Business profile: detailed information of the business/product and its history
  • Current business situation: startup, rebranding, expansion
  • Description of target customers (age, gender, income, etc.)
  • Channels used to communicate with target audience (web, mail, phone, tv, etc.)
  • Who are the key competitors
  • Competitive advantage: benefits of the business/product not found at the competition
  • Personality of the business/product (wise, fresh, playful, etc.)


Visual Identity Design Process Step 2

Research & Brainstorming


Visual Identity Design Process

Visual Identity Design Process


Designer’s research completes the creative brief with necessary information such as:

  • Industry characteristics;
  • Cultural and geographical considerations;
  • Targeted customer profile.

In our visual identity design process the collected data is used,  through a mind-mapping process, to generate words and ideas that could represent the business/product and the desired projected image. The mind mapping process helps revealing unexpected and interesting connections between ideas/words that can validate as concepts in the design phase. Information gathering, brainstorming, research, mind mapping and concept exploration are steps that repeat until the best concepts reveal for sketch and design phase.


Visual Identity Design Process Step 3

Sketch & Design


Visual Identity Design Process

Visual Identity Design Process


Sketching has a quantitative advantage; it allows the exploration of many concepts in the shortest time. The purpose of sketching is to create draft visual representations of ideas generated with mind mapping; drafts can be easily compared until the best ones are chosen to be rendered on the computer (using Adobe Illustrator and/or Photoshop). The concepts are first designed in black and white keeping the focus on shape refinement and associated typography; further on, they are examined with color combinations at various sizes to ensure a consistent visual identity through a variety of contexts (stationery, website, ads, etc).


Visual Identity Design Process Step 4

Feedback & Review


Visual Identity Design Process

Visual Identity Design Process


The best two or three concepts are submitted for client review. Concepts are presented as separate elements (logo design, typography used, color scheme, additional symbols or icons, etc.) or as visual systems (stationery, signage, website, brochure, etc). The visual logic behind each idea is explained briefly. Based on client’s feedback, the chosen concept and its applications are refined until the final approval is received.


Visual Identity Design Process Step 5

Final Files Delivery


Final files will meet project initial requirements and are delivered in various formats:print ready, web ready and source files. The artwork is supplied via e-mail or is made available for download.


Visual Identity Design Process Step 6

Client Support


Specific file formats that were not included in the initial package or resending the artwork may be requested after the project is done. Customer support is free for unlimited time and is available for any issues related to design implementation.


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