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Net Promoter Score Isn’t Enough: You Need User Research aside

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a common consumer insight method used to track customer loyalty. Advocates of NPS maintain that if someone is highly likely to recommend a product or service to a friend, they are also highly likely to be a loyal customer and will generate revenue for a company through referrals. It’s a single question that goes something like this: “On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend this product or service to a friend or colleague?” Net Promoter Score (NPS) asks users how likely they are to recommend a product or service. How Net Promoter Score Works Net Promoter Score tracks one thing and one thing only: how likely a customer will be ...

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The Value of Design Thinking in Business aside

Successful businesses are making billions by recognizing the value of integrating “design thinking” into their process. Great design is simple, beautiful, and easy to use. It creates a sense of purpose and place. It responds to user needs, and it just works. Aside from these characteristics, how can we know whether a design is “good”? Moreover, how can a business know whether the investment of time and money into a design was worth it? The proof is in the numbers. Businesses have slowly come around to recognize that design can be used as a differentiator to respond to changing trends and consumer behaviors. Time and time again, Fortune 500 names such as Apple, Microsoft, Disney, and IBM have demonstrated the ...

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