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HSP Data Service is a full service fund raising agency for Non-Profit Organizations such as the Red Cross, Malteser or the Association for the Environment and Conservation. The company Holub, Steiner + Partner GmbH helps them to gain new members and supporters. Studentenjob is a management system built for students who are interested in raising funds and working for a good cause. Their system needed a new mobile app design to interface with their young and determined promoters that work in the field.

Our approach was to create a mobile app design to reflect the high level of services offered by HSP Data Service. The design of the application needed to comply with the new brand identity guidelines of Studentenjob website. We decided to do a friendly and personalized user interface design for this mobile application. Studentenjob would help users to constantly monitor their activity. It would allow them to create profiles, receive messages and view personal statistics.

Mobile App Design

On designing the mobile app we focused on finding the easiest way for users to achieve their goals. We took into account the user experience and also the look & feel of the user interface. We studied the client profile and the expectations towards the application. Users’ level of expertise with other informational systems was also taken into consideration. We used appropriate framework, common color coding and effective typography to make layouts operational, usable and adaptable to users’ needs. Once the mobile app design layout was implemented and published we followed up the user interaction; and we made the necessary adjustments to solve the unforeseen issues.

This mobile app design project was managed, developed and delivered by our partner, Diginesis. Our role was to propose the mobile app design prototype and consult them in any design related issues  in the development process.

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