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Ecommerce User Interface Design

Ecommerce user interface design

GBT is an ecommerce user interface design prototype that proposes a new approach to online commerce. GBT is a community of buyers and merchants working together. Buyers decide what product they want, whereupon they form a group and then ask for a deal. They commit to a maximum amount of money they are willing to pay for that product. Merchants can make offers for products demanded by the buyers. At some point all active offers on a product close and the buyers are automatically allocated to the best offer they are eligible to.

We were commissioned to create the informational architecture and the ecommerce user interface design prototype for GBT.  The main challenge was to structure and display a large amount of information in a way that will be easy to access, understand and modify by the user. Our approach was to design a visual time slider control which was programmed to display the events in the system for a certain period of time. The user can manage what data to display on the timeline and can choose the moment he/she wishes to see in time. Also, the user can zoom in or out to that specific moment in time.  A similar time based control but even more interactive is used in the buyers/ merchants control panel to manage their commitments and offers. On their offers/commitments page they can make offers, bid on products and compare with other offers on the same timeline slider. A series of filters help them optimize the view. In this way, they can keep only the relevant information on display.

On building the ecommerce user interface design system we used a consistent color coding and a strong contrast between dark and light areas. Thereby, we managed to keep the focus on the most relevant information. Users were guided to perform their tasks easily and intuitively.

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