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Our real estate brochure design maximize sales potential 


Tampa Gardens is a real estate complex for modern individuals, young families and nature lovers.The residential complex. Tampa Gardens is situated in Brasov, right at the foot of a hill within a 5 minutes driving distance from the city center. The complex have 400+ apartments built with high quality standards and with excellent facilities.

The real estate brochure design was developed for Tampa Gardens’ sales department. Our approach was to combine the high quality photos of the property, rendered images and a clean modern layout. Our real estate brochure design describe the project, the spaces and the excellent facilities that complex have. By using brand colors, fonts and imagery we created a real estate brochure design that contribute to brand building and recognition.

The real estate brochure design files were delivered as ready for print file formats directly to a local printing shop. We supervised the printing process to make sure the quality of the design is reflected on printed paper.

We create brochure designs that are ready for print and conform with the printing shop of your choice. However, for best results we use VistaPrint, a trusted international online print shop. Interested in a new brochure design for your business ?

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